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List of videos we made a gameplay video for. We will hope you will like them on youtube and share then with other game lovers.

Deep Sea Hunter 2 – Gameplay Video

Deep Sea Hunter 2

In Deep Sea Hunter 2 your first objective should be finding the mysterious puzzle box, it’s the logical starting point to find the seventh sea treasure! Step into your yellow submarine and begin your epic journey. Try to kill as many jellyfish, sharks and other see creatures as possible. As soon as you’ve killed one, a coin will appear. Grab them all! Be careful that your submarine doesn’t hit rocks or other obstacles! Upgrade your submarine to get stronger and explore the deeper parts of the sea. Defeat all the bosses in the underwater caves, become the master of the ocean!

Watch the Gameplay Video of Deep Sea Hunter 2 here

Acid Bunny Episode 2 Gameplay Video

Acid Bunny Episode 2

There’s a sequel to the crazy Acid Bunny game. In Acid Bunny Episode 2 you turn back to the weird world the little rabbit called Acid Bunny is living in! Where in episode 1 Bear was the victim, now everything is going wrong for Panda. The rabbit, leading character in these games, is pursued by flashbacks to traumas in his youth. During a game of beach volleyball he gets such a flashback, which confuses him so much that he mistakes his Panda friend for the ball and accidentally smashes Panda in two! Help Acid Bunny find back Panda’s head and body and gather all 24 pieces of thread to stitch the head back onto the body.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Acid Bunny Episode 2 here

Gamevideo4U Episode 2

Gamevideo4U Episode 2

In Gamevideo4U Episode 2 we’re talking about 2 flash games that are very popular at the moment: Disaster Will Strike 2 and Min-Hero Tower Of Sages. Enjoy!

Disaster Will Strike 2:
This sequel to Dino destructor will surely become terribly popular, too! You’re still the master of the elements and you haven’t finished your tough job yet: smashing evil dinosaur’s eggs. You can set several natural disasters on them: earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, plagues of bees or comet impacts… there’s an incredible lot of disasters that you can use in this game! In each level you have a certain number of disasters at your disposal: move them from the upper left corner to the right place in the window, and look what happens. The in-game instructions are very clear, so start playing right away!

Play Disaster Will Strike 2

Watch the Video of Gamevideo4U Episode 2 here

Min-Hero Tower of Sages – Gameplay – 1080P

Min-Hero Tower of Sages

Everyone’s dreaming of getting the privilege of training titans in the Tower of Sages. Only a few are chosen: he or she who manages to defeat the Great Sage. In Tower of Sages, a turn-based RPG, you let all kinds of creatures fight against each other. Make the best strategic choice before the battle starts and see where it will end! Collect and train these creatures: you can collect more than a hundred so they’ll keep you busy for a while! Each creature belongs to a specific type, for example fire, grass or water. Some types are stronger or weaker when fighting against certain other types. Try to find the perfect combination of creatures and become a successful titan trainer!.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Min-Hero Tower of Sages here

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