Hungry Little Bear Walkthrough level 1-40

hungry little bear

Play Hungry Little Bear and improve your skills and reactions. What does a bear do when it feels that its stomach is empty? Go in search of food… or wait until a kind human being feeds it! Apples, watermelons: a lot of healthy and tasty food is waiting for the hungry little bear. Lead all the food to the bear and try to hit all the stars! You can delete the wood but not the steel girders. You can use fans, but watch out: they can also blow the food in the wrong direction, so switch them on or off in time. Be careful that the food doesn’t fall into the mixer.

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Spanthera – Walkthrough Level 1-30


Once upon a time, Leonidas, prince of Spanthera, was born. The citizens of the kingdom were delighted when king Leorix presented prince Leonidas to the goddess, as the new protector of the kingdom. Many years later, when Leonidas had become a valuable warrior, the goddess offered him the Vibrissa, a holy spear. She also told him about the evil that would once darken the sky during his period of office. In the game called Spanthera this dark era has dawned and you, Leonidas, must protect the kingdom!

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Lost Astronaut – Walkthrough – All Endings + All secrets

Lost Astronaut

Lost Astronaut is a fun adventure game that takes place in space. You’re an astronaut in search of ways to escape from a couple of very special planets. There are several opportunities to escape in Lost Astronaut. On the first planet, for example, you can use flying sheep or a trampoline, it’s also possible to scare the scarecrow. On the second planet you must play a video game, eat pills, turn into a dog and do other weird things. In the end a space ship will carry you to the next planet. There as well, you must find all ways to escape and set out to the next planet. Have fun!

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Hero in the Ocean Walkthrough – All Levels + All Secrets – 1080p

Hero in the Ocean

Have you always wanted to play the hero in the hidden underwater world? Then this is your chance in the fun adventure game called Hero in the Ocean .

Hero in the Ocean has 15 levels, each of them with another particular title. 10 out of 15 levels contain trophies. In the menu you’ll find an overview of all trophies. There you can also see which ones you’ve already found and which ones are still missing.

The underwater world in Hero in the Ocean is always very special. This game looks beautiful from a graphic point of view: it looks like a true underwater world. The wonderful music perfectly completes it.

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