Bubble Struggle – Gameplay

Bubble Struggle

The principle of Bubble Struggle is simple: try to burst all the bubbles. That sounds simple, but isn’t always that easy: that’s exactly the reason why the Bubble Struggle game is so challenging. You can collect all kinds of bonuses in this fun game. Sticks of dynamite for example, that reduce the bubbles to the maximum. You can also collect extra life, and ice crystals that freeze all the bubbles in the game. There are two different shields, too, that protect you temporarily. The icons with a little boot inside accelerate things temporarily, and the green icons with an M inside slow down the bubbles. The red arrow is worth extra time. Then, you can also use special weapons: double harpoons, ice sticks, flowers and medals. These medals burst all the bubbles at once. Make sure that you’re not hit by the bubbles yourself!

Watch the Gameplay Video of Bubble Struggle here

PacXon – Gameplay


PacXon is a combination of the Pacman and Xonix game classics, especially featuring the game elements of Xonix. The aim of the game is to reduce the space in which the little phantoms are floating as much as possible, by taking bites out of the borders. When a phantom crosses the line before you reach the safe blue area, you’ll lose a life. After each level the degree of difficulty increases slightly. Pax-con brings back the real nostalgia!

Watch the Gameplay Video of PacXon here

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