Age of Wonder Full Walkthrough Level 1-30 – 1080p

Age of Wonder

Wonders will never cease! In Age of Wonder you live the life of Eratosthenes, a Greek scholar. He was the chief librarian of the Great Library of Alexandria; the center of study and science.

Eratosthenes would love to share his knowledge with the rest of the people and you must help him. In this skill game we’re going to throw scrolls!
The game has 30 levels and in each of these levels it’s your task to help Eratosthenes throw scrolls to the other people, so that they, too, can read texts and gain acquaintance. Set the power and direction of your throw by moving your mouse and use the left mouse button to throw. There are obviously many obstacles blocking your way through, so you must take a good look before you try to get past these obstacles. Throwing stones is one of the ways to clear obstacles. This allows you for example to break pillars in two, or to let bigger stones fall over. This is how you clear your way and throw a scroll. Press the spacebar to switch between scrolls and stones, at the bottom left you can see how many of these items you have left. Avoid obstacles like spikes or fire; if your scroll hits these items it’s destroyed.

Pull levers, for example to press down platforms or to open hatches. You can throw a stone against the lever, but also a scroll, so you can use both items. Further in the game there will be levels with moving objects and other troublesome obstacles, so a good timing is essential when you throw. Are you wise enough to provide all people with texts? Play Age of Wonder and help both Eratosthenes and the Egyptian people!

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Age of Wonder Full Walkthrough Level 1-30 - 1080p
Age of Wonder Full Walkthrough Level 1-30 - 1080p

In the Age of Wonder a long, long time ago the Great Library of Alexandria was the biggest library of the Mediterranean. Step back in time and go to work as a chief librarian. Throw scrolls at the population. You can temporarily transform them into stones if you want to throw them through an obstacle.

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