Grow Valley Walkthrough (Max Level + Ancient Bonus)

Grow  Valley




In the begin you start with a big empty Grow Valley. Fortunately, you’ve got seven workers that you can instruct to build something. Once you click on one that will trigger the development of some building that will be build in the valley. You can only click on each worker once, the order you choose will tell the outcome of the level of the workers. They are depended of each other. When you click on 1 the other works will also help with development/building of the valley. When you click in the correct order you will get a nice valley full of live. There is also an Secret Ancient Grow Valley, once you choose that order correctly you will see the secret. Each time you choose a worker everything will grow a bit more complex.

If you wanna know the correct order click on “Watch the Walkthrough Video of Grow Valley here”

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Grow Valley here

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