Like Vampire Like Son Walkthrough 1080p

Like Vampire Like Son

Like Vampire Like Son takes place 25 years ago, at the Dracula Memorial Hospital in Vampireville. It was supposed to be a joyful day. Momcula was about to give birth! But nobody predicted what was about to happen during the birth. It turns out that Momcula gave birth to a human being! The family was devastated.

20 Years later the game Like Vampire Like Son starts. You are eating breakfast with the curtains open when a vampire sees you and know’s you are a human being.Your father asked you why you have the curtains open and he said it should be closed at all times. Now that the son is seen he has to run away to the human world where to become an true Vampire then you can return to Vampireville. Don’t walk into the Bloodburger because they will kidnap you and throw you in a large pan. Explore the world and try to find out how to become a real Vampire.

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Like Vampire Like Son here

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