Deep Sea Hunter 2 – Gameplay Video

Deep Sea Hunter 2

In Deep Sea Hunter 2 your first objective should be finding the mysterious puzzle box, it’s the logical starting point to find the seventh sea treasure! Step into your yellow submarine and begin your epic journey. Try to kill as many jellyfish, sharks and other see creatures as possible. As soon as you’ve killed one, a coin will appear. Grab them all! Be careful that your submarine doesn’t hit rocks or other obstacles! Upgrade your submarine to get stronger and explore the deeper parts of the sea. Defeat all the bosses in the underwater caves, become the master of the ocean!

Watch the Gameplay Video of Deep Sea Hunter 2 here

Bury My Bones Walkthrough Level 1-28 1080p

Bury my Bones

Play Bury My Bones and find out how it feels to be a gravedigger! Are you good at skill games, or do you want to improve your skills, then this is a perfect game for you. Use fans, fire, wooden hatches, little wagons, trampolines and so much more to move the skeleton to the only place where it belongs: the freshly dug grave. This might seem a bit sinister, but you’ll see that it’s really fun to do. The order in which you activate items, like fans or hatches, is essential, so think twice before you start clicking. Help the gravedigger bury all bones neatly underground in this gruesome but challenging game!

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Bury My Bones here

Catch The Halloween Candy Walkthrough Level 1-20

Catch the Halloween Candy

In Catch the Halloween candy you need to help the little purple monster eat all tasty sweets. Look at this cute, purple monster! It is fond of Halloween candies. Guide it in the right direction and it will stick to the places you click. Don’t reach too far, though, because its arm isn’t that long. Make use of rotating sail arms, gravity or other elements you can clamp to. This isn’t always easy, because certain items are clickable, others aren’t. Some items may fall down when you clamp to them, which can be very useful, but also disastrous. It’s up to you to make the right choice! You can also draw the candies towards you. A fun skill game, both for Halloween and after!

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Catch The Halloween Candy here

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