Celsium Level 01-40 3 STARS Walkthrough 1080p


There’s an earthquake in the fridge and the ice cubes want to escape from there as quickly as possible. Timmy takes charge and he goes out exploring. Sometimes you’ll have to melt Timmy so that he can seep through things. You melt Timmy by making him jump against the orange heating element. When Timmy has already melted and jumps against the heating element again, he’ll even evaporate! Try to gather all the clear blue energy orbs and avoid the red traps! When he falls into such a trap, you’ll have to restart your level. Welcome to the world of Celsium.

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Celsium Level 01-40 here

Gamevideo4U Episode 2

Gamevideo4U Episode 2

In Gamevideo4U Episode 2 we’re talking about 2 flash games that are very popular at the moment: Disaster Will Strike 2 and Min-Hero Tower Of Sages. Enjoy!

Disaster Will Strike 2:
This sequel to Dino destructor will surely become terribly popular, too! You’re still the master of the elements and you haven’t finished your tough job yet: smashing evil dinosaur’s eggs. You can set several natural disasters on them: earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, plagues of bees or comet impacts… there’s an incredible lot of disasters that you can use in this game! In each level you have a certain number of disasters at your disposal: move them from the upper left corner to the right place in the window, and look what happens. The in-game instructions are very clear, so start playing right away!

Play Disaster Will Strike 2

Watch the Video of Gamevideo4U Episode 2 here

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