Mystery IQ Test Complete Walkthrough 1080p

Mystery IQ Test

You wake up in a Mystery tomb and need to do a Mystery IQ Test. What have you ended up in now? And more importantly: how can you get out again? In order to get through this Mystery IQ test labyrinth you will need to solve many puzzles. Tease your brain and try to come from one room to the other by finding the right answers! You can play this game in various grades of difficulty, easy, normal and hard. When you play at easy difficulty you can’t reach a high IQ score, but mistakes will cost you less points; during normal difficulty these mistakes are a little more ‘expensive’, and you can reach a higher score as well. During the hardest grade of difficulty you can reach the highest IQ score, but make one mistake and it will cost you a lot.

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Mystery IQ Test here

Home Sheep Home Complete Walkthrough

Home Sheep Home

In Home Sheep Home you need to help these three sheep, a very small one, round and cuddly one and quite a normal sheep. The family wants to go home to their barn. Get all the sheep to the meeting point at the arrow sign.. All three they have their own skills and shortcomings, but together they’ll reach their goals, as long as you do everything in the right order.

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Home Sheep Home here

Grow Island Walkthrough (Max level + Alien Bonus) 1080p

Grow Island

In grow Island you have got an empty island but you can slowly build it full. Choose 1 of the 8 things at the bottom and you will see that something will happen. When you choose the correct order you will see a city come to life and all 8 will be max level. The order is important if you want to get all 8 to the max which is level 5. There are different solutions. In this video you will see 2 different solutions. A normal one and 1 where there is a alien finsh.

Watch the Walkthrough Video of Grow Island here

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