Takeover Gameplay Video


Play Takeover, an interesting defense game that takes place in history. When zombies occupy the continent of Rivadis, several nations at the borders of the continent rise in revolt. The Icedales Cult, the Duchy of Westaria and the Crimson Horde all revolt against the occupiers. Your mission starts in Westaria, a fantasy world far from here. Zombies are occupying castle after castle and they slowly transform the green lands into an inhospitable and arid area. Hunger and decay are spreading. Deploy soldiers to prevent your enemy from winning even more ground! The next nation you must free from enemy zombies is the Crimson Horde. The Icedales Cult is the third nation. Make the dark forces disappear from Rivadis once and for all!

Watch the Gameplay Video of Takeover here

Nuts and Bolts – Gameplay Video

Nuts and Bolts

Welcome to the future! In Nuts and bolts there are no construction workers in the building trade anymore, but instead there are robots that work faultlessly and efficiently. They have one disadvantage, though: they don’t have fear of heights and due to this they can easily fall into the depths. That’s why you let some older robots climb the building, to make things a bit safer and collect nuts and bolts. They can move from platform to platform via orange beams, that you can pick up and put back in a different place. The robot stores these beams into his battery, but there’s only limited space. So you can’t carry an unlimited number of beams with you: only carry beams with you in the lengths you’ll need.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Nuts and Bolts here

Wake Up The Box 5 – Gameplay Video

Wake Up The Box 5

Wake up the Box 5 is the fifth episode of the Wake up the box series. Here as well, you have to wake up sleeping boxes. Do so by drawing figures, that turn into wooden shapes. The pieces of wood will make the boxes stagger directly or indirectly if put in the right place. The boxes will fall and wake up. Combine the wooden shapes cleverly, to shake the box awake in as little attempts as possible. The further you get in the levels, the more complicated the gameplay gets!

Watch the Gameplay Video of Wake up the Box 5 here

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