Rock ‘n Roll – Gameplay Video

Rock 'n Roll

This is a cool and fun Rock ‘n Roll game in which your character jumps from planet to planet, destroying aliens and collecting bonuses on the way. The planets turn, so you need to time your jumps well to hit as many aliens and bonus points as you can! The more points you earn, the more characters you unlock. Be careful not to take too long otherwise there will come a rocket your way to destroy you.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Rock ‘n Roll here

Knight Age – Gameplay Video

Knight Age

In Knight Age you are a knight in the Bluff kingdom. Bluff kingdom is the largest and most powerful country of the Knight age. Every three years the kingdom celebrates the biggest jousting tournament of the known world, and only the bravest knights dare enter it. But in recent years the tournament changed. The kingdom was taken by force by eremon and his minions after they returned from the crusades, and all the bonds of brotherhood that existed among knights of the realm were broken. Many bitter rivalries and revenge oaths were pronounced between the knights. Thus, the tournament became a deadly competition, but all the valiant knights of the realm are ready to face the challenge. Are You.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Knight Age here

Silly Sausage – Gameplay Video

Silly Sausage

In Silly Sausage you need to grab all the gems you see so you can enter the next level. You move your upper body with the arrow keys and when you grab on to another wall, let go of the arrow and your behind will quickly catch up. Obviously it is not this simple, there are several traps set up to make it more difficult, like live wire or exploding balls. You do need to avoid these. Don’t try to hold on to the metal tiles, you can’t and your body will go all the way back.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Silly Sausage here

Orbox C – Gameplay Video

Orbox C

The Orbox C goes in search of the lost light. Will you find the way to the red cube? Send the Orbox from point to point and beware not to launch it into space because it will disappear forever! Use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to direct the Orbox around the play field. Orbox will keep moving in the inputted direction until an obstacle blocks his path. Completing the given task, or making your way to the red exit box will complete each level.

Watch the Gameplay Video of Orbox C here

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